GOUP adapts to your production

  • The layout of the production facility is changed in an instant
  • Lifts can be combined, serial run
  • Light to move: the strength of one man is enough
  • Excellent weight-gain ratio
  • Designed to adapt to production
  • The fixed personnel lift can be adopted as a parallel product, and a scissor lift can be used to hoist heavy items to working height


Work level that is always safe at the right height

  • Occupational safety at its best: no reports on dangerous situations
  • Simultaneous work possible on the work level and underneath it
  • Rises to 3 meters
  • Adjustable stairs available at all times (optional)
  • Ergonomic


  • The lifts communicate with each other.
  • They can be connected and run simultaneously.

Everything is thought out

  • Removable front railings make work easier
  • Includes a tool wall
  • Electricity and compressed air can be used in the cage
  • 4 to 6 meters long work level
  • Work lights